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Technical Support

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Collection of Bottles

As a conscientious and focused company, Compressortech offers its customers technical support when and where it is needed.

All our compressors are despatched with installation instructions and the correct OEM PAG Oil.

For immediate and expert advice Direct Telephone Support is available from our factory and installation workshop. Our engineers and technicians provide our customers and distributors with probably the best all round vehicle product knowledge in Europe.

Most of the technical questions we receive can be answered on a 'one-call' basis.

For those customers who want to upgrade their A/C diagnostic knowledge we hold regular A/C training courses at our training centre. We also offer subscription interactive training courses through our website.

1. To view most of these documents you need Adobe Acrobat Reader

Get acrobat reader here

2. How an A/C System Works

3. FAQ's

3a. 28 Most Common Questions about A/C

3b. What do I need to know about servicing my car's A/C?

3c. Why do Compressors Fail?

3d. How we freshen up your A/C System

4. A/C Product Range

5. Air Conditioning Service Equipment.

6. Refrigerant Weight & PAG Oil Application Chart

7. PAG Oil Reference Chart

8a. What are Double End Capped PAG Oils

8b. Double End Capped Oil - The OEM'S Choice

9a. R12-R134a conversion kits

9b. R12-R134a conversion kit Instructions

10. A/C Sealants

10a. Why NOT to use sealant in your A/C System

10b. Quick Detect - Sealant Detection Equipment

10c. A/C Machine Recycle Guard - Protect your A/C Equipment from Sealants

11a. Refrigerant Identifier

11b. Hand held Refrigerant Identifier

12. Flushing

12a. Flushing equipment

12b. Flushing schematic

12c. Flush instructions

13. COSHH Documentation

13a. PAG Oils

13b. A/C Dyes

13c. R134a

13d. Flushing Fluid

13e. Ester Oils

13f. Evaporator Air Co Cleaner

13g. Waste Transfer License

13h. MAC Directive 2006

13i. JAE

13j. R134A Disposable Bottle Phase Out

14. UV Leak Detection

14a. U-View Ultraviolet Leak detection Systems

14b. UV LED v/s Blue LED Chart

14c. Refrigerants containing dye

15. 'O' Rings

15a. MasterTech OE 'O' Rings kits

15b. Mastertech Double 'O'Ring kits (Renault, Peugeot, Citroen)

16. Servicing your Viper and CPS A/C Equipment

16a. Viper A/C Service Station

16b. Viper / CPS Service / Repair Request Form (Viper 8000 / Viper GT / Mach 1 / AR200 / AR300)

17. Online Training

18. Training & Test Equipment

18a. A/C Diagnostic Training Rig

18b. Compressor Test Equipment - CLT1 flyer

18c. CLT1 - Instructions

18d. Sectioned Compressors

19. R134A - Bottle Identification Images

20. 6757 Viper Air Con Bottles Safety Leaflet   pdf
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