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Sectioned Cutaway Compressors

Sectioned Compressors are an ideal supplement to training. They can help show the exact operation of the compressor and its component parts.

They can also be used for display purposes ideal a reception area for showing customers a faulty component.

Compressortech can supply sectioned compressors labelled up and mounted on a display plinth.

Please contact our Sales Team for details.

The following compressors are available currently. We are constantly adding to our range - so check back soon for new models.

Click on a compressor to see it larger and with more detail

Sanden PXE13
Sanden PXE13 Compressor
Sanden PXE16
Sanden PXE16 Compressor
Sanden PXV16
Sanden PXV16 Compressor
Sanden SD5H14
Sanden SD5H14 Compressor
Sanden SD6V12
Sanden SD6V12 Compressor
Sanden SD7H15
Sanden SD7H15 Compressor
Sanden SD7V16
Sanden SD7V16 Compressor
Sanden TRS090
Sanden TRS090 Compressor
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